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Kanker serviks adalah pertumbuhan abnormal yang terbentuk pada serviks (bagian bawah dari rahim atau uterus). Kanker serviks berada pada peringkat ke-10 dari kanker yang paling umum terjadi dengan tingkat kematian yang berada di peringkat ke-8 tertinggi di antara kaum wanita di Singapura.
Kanker rahim adalah kanker yang berkembang dalam lapisan rahim. Rahim terletak di antara kandung kemih dan rektum, termasuk leher rahim dan rahim. Leher rahim berhubungan dengan vagina, sementara badan rahim berhubungan dengan tuba falopi. Selain itu, kanker dapat berkembang dari lapisan jaringan rahim. Tumor yang langka ini adalah kanker dari jaringan ikat rahim.
Kista adalah tumor jinak yang paling sering ditemui. Bentuknya kistik, berisi cairan kental, dan ada pula yang berbentuk anggur. Kista juga ada yang berisi udara, cairan, nanah, ataupun bahan-bahan lainnya.
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Ever wonder what your doctor is looking for when examining your esophagus during an endoscopy? In this article, Dr. Chandrasoma takes us on a tour to show the visual symptoms of esophageal cancer and the damage that can develop to the lining of the esophagus.
If you have blocked fallopian tubes, find out if you can #get #pregnant #naturally, with #fertility drugs, with surgery or with in-vitro fertilization.

A blocked fallopian tube happens when the egg cannot travel down the tube to become fertilized by the sperm. And then about 40% of cases where women are experiencing infertility, a blocked fallopian tube is going to be the culprit. And you migh
Early Signs of Pregnancy: 12 Pregnancy Symptoms.

The more pregnancy symptoms you experience, the more likely you’re pregnant. So let’s go over some of the most well-known pregnancy symptoms.

1. More cervical mucus
An increase in cervical mucus happens when your uterus thickens. This can happen almost immediately.

2.Implantation bleeding
Implantation BleedingImplantation bleeding – For
Want to Know more about fertility drugs?

-Fertility drugs are prescribed medications that will mostly help influence ovulation. It can either start ovulation or help strengthen ovulation to release at least one or multiple eggs in one cycle.

These are the most commonly used treatment for couples who are facing infertility, as the most common cause of infertility in women are ovulation dif
Industrial hemp comes from a variety of the Cannabis Sativa L plant. Our plants have concentration levels of 0.3% or less of delta 9 Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), as defined by the 2014 Federal Farm Bill.Within the Cannabis Sativa L plant are molecules known as phytocannabinoids. All mammals have an endocannabinoid system that is nourished
We Don’t Cut Corners Just Because They’re Not People
We Believe in Safety; That’s Why We Don’t White-Label
Unlike many companies, we aren’t white labeling our pet products. All too often we see companies taking their phytocannabinoid products formulated for people and relabeling it for pets, but this is only safe for the largest of dogs. Our 5mg pills are safe and appropriate for medium and lar
One of the issues people complain about their appearance is the presence of unwanted hair on the different parts of the body. While women generally wish to remove all of them, men prefer a thinner hair covering their body. The hair on the body is a sign of masculinity and men do not want that to go away entirely.

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People suffering from hearing loss usually find it difficult to communicate with their friends and family. It has been observed that nearly half of people over 75 years of age share the common problem of loss in hearing (in one or both ears), even if many do not want to admit it.



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