What transitions couples from desperation about their difficulties to delight in sharing their lives together?  Would you rather be anywhere than with your spouse? You are doing the right thing. I read tons of articles. Does the idea of sex with your spouse cause you to shudder? Inspired by Atkins's list, we decided to ask our readers on Facebook and Twitter to consider other marriage mistakes that often lead to divorce. Does everything lead to an argument? That's how to become “self-centred” in the best sense.   I lead the Power of Two coaching team. Great Ideas For Trouble-free Secrets In Marriage Problems And, as noted above, yielding can lead to depression. 4. A problem with addiction - be it to drugs, gambling or alcohol - will always take priority Bride over marriage and family Addiction: Addiction will always be an addict's focus above marriage and family, and their partner will feel angry and embarrassed by their lack of consideration for others.

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